HAP is a form of social housing support provided by all local authorities. HAP means that local authorities can provide housing assistance for households who qualify for social housing support, including many long-term Rent Supplement recipients.

Under HAP, local authorities will make a monthly payment to a landlord, subject to terms and conditions including rent limits, on a HAP tenant’s behalf. In return, the HAP tenant pays a weekly contribution towards the rent to the local authority. This ‘rent contribution’ is based on the household income. It is calculated in the same way as the rent paid by a tenant of a local authority owned property.

SENATOR Victor Boyhan has called on the Minister of Housing, Planning, Community & Local Government to ensure that the annual rates of inspection of rental accommodation is increased across each of the 31 local authorities in order to maintain approved standards in the private housing rental sector.

Senator Boyhan, a member of the Oireachtas Housing Committee has also requested Minister Simon Coveney TD to confirm that all councils are adequately funded and resourced to carry out inspection work throughout 2017.

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